Amnon Josting was born in the agricultural community of Bnei Zion, graduated from high school, and served in a military reconnaissance unit. After the hardships of the Yom Kippur War in 1973, he traveled to Japan and stayed there for three years. In Nagasaki he married Tomoko Nakamura in a traditional Japanese ceremony. Upon returning to Israel, he worked in farming, growing mainly bonsai trees. Later on he studied shiatsu and the fundamentals of Chinese medicine. Over time he realized that he has an innate talent for channeling. Twenty years ago he started treating patients through channeling and energy medicine. He also discovered his strong attraction to the rainforests and the indigenous cultures of North America – especially the Navajo people.
Fifteen years ago, while sitting at a café, without any prior notice he started channeling and began to write down the book “Alapinah”.

הספרים שלי

ALAPINAH: The Quest for the Secret to Health

It all started in a small café. One man on his own, with a cup of coffee at his side, and a voice coming from an unknown source. Do many books start off in a small café, with one man on his own, a cup of coffee at his side and a voice coming from an unknown source? Maybe, and maybe there are some people who doubt the very voice echoing in them. Perhaps they are deterred by it or just brush it off with an indulgent and somewhat dismissive smile. For me, this voice was almost total, and it led me on a journey that distanced me from my loved ones, a journey that brought me closer to them than ever before, a timeless, limitless, and sometimes illogical journey, at least lacking the logic we’re accustomed to, a 14-year journey, a journey which resulted in the book - "Alapinah". The book features travelogues, channeled scientific research, personal confession, and social commentary. I'm sure that the adventure lovers and those seeking the exciting intimacy will find in the pages a fine and satisfying blend, and the travel enthusiasts will be thrilled to pack their bags and wander through the words and lines wrapped in campfire smoke and accompanied by shamanistic rituals and exotic beliefs. The healers and therapists of our generation, and probably even the patients themselves, will be very intrigued by the information presented in the book: information on the relationship between viruses and the bodymind system in general, and the HIV/AIDS virus for example, in particular. [...]