Achiya Zallayet is a children’s author and graduate of the Weingate Institute in the field of development and aid to families and children.
Achiya works as a life coach for families and children, an artist, thespian and counselor in his community.
His writings, which include children’s stories and nursery rhymes about family, childhood and the animal kingdom, bring to life a tapestry of experiences, dreams and fantasy that bring his readers’ inner world and imagination to a stunning reality, while touching their hearts with simple, profoundly universal lessons.
With handmade illustrations by artists from all over the world, Achiya’s children’s books are masterpieces, an inspiration both to the eyes and to the heart.
Achiya loves to hear from his readers, and appreciates feedback from all, large or small.

הספרים שלי

Where is Carpill off to

The author Achiya Zallayet sweeps away both parent and child onto a wondrous journey into the world of nature. The journey takes the reader on the trail of Carpill, a little caterpillar who has gone missing in the forest. His friends, the insects of the forest, look from door to door in search of their friend but they cannot understand where Carpill could possibly have gone. The story, which is bursting with vivid, expressive illustrations and animated dialogue of the forest animals, introduces the reader to a world of discovery and an array of endearing characters. Let's go together and find Carpill!

Chuck the Chick

Have you ever met a Chick? Have you thought how he feels when he wakes up in an egg? Get to know Chuck the Chick - Experience with him his long and excitement dream - and at the end of it a Thrilling discovery. The story is an allegory for our life and our personal coping - and achieving goals and aspirations in life. ˃˃˃ Free present inside!!! The story appeals to children and adults as one. Enjoy.

Danny and Lampert the King of Bears

The children's book, Danny and Lampert, King of the Bears, is a story about a boy who believes in something and realizes his dreams. The story meanders the realms the reality and dreamworld, and shares with both children and parents alike a thrilling experience of connection and love between a child and his teddy bear. Let's go together to a night-time journey! Your child will love it!

Mischief Grandpa

Let's have fun! A wonderful gift inside! Mischief Grandpa is a funny story about a wonderful and unique Grandfather. Grandpa that could be yours and can be mine. Fun story for the whole family, funny and a bit sentimental. An adventure for every child and parents. Wonderful gift for children (parents) or grandchildren!

Christmas Heart Bird

Do you want to know the secret of the Heart-Bird of Christmas? Christmas is just around the corner, and Roni begins to feel a strange tickling sensation in his heart. When he asks his mother what it is, she shares with Roni the secret of the Heart-Bird of Christmas, a magical creature born of the love and joy that comes with the Christmas holiday season. Together with his younger brother, Roni discovers the magic of the Heart-Bird in the falling snow, in the Christmas carolers' songs and even in Santa Claus! ˃˃˃ The Christmas Heart-Bird is an enchanting story of the love and joy of the Christmas holiday season.