Arline. O. Cooper an author and illustrator.
She wrote two nonfiction books for adults and many stories for children. Her books express her love for children and her love for books and art. Her books are a combination of artistic illustration and ethical message.
Her books are intended to provide children and parents with hours of bonding time, as well as enjoyable ways to promote children’s emotional and social abilities. More over, her books aim in enhancing their self-confidence and self-esteem.
Arline has a B.A in psychology and literature and an M.Ed in art education.
She is happily married and a mother of two children.
Her books offer comprehension and enjoyment with a sprinkling of humor.

הספרים שלי

Laura and the Dwarfs

The subject of order, organization and responsibility is an important one in the education of children.

What shall we teach them? At what age? What is the best way to teach them to be organized and responsible?

Laura is a girl who loves mysteries. She tries to discover, who are the invisible dwarves who cook, clean and tidy up her house. On her journey of discovery, she finds out who they are and learns to develop a sense of personal responsibility.

This adorable book has been illustrated with lovely gentle paintings by the author.

Be Brave, Little Puffy

How can we make friends?

How can we cope with our self-image in society, and how can we improve children's self confidence?

This is a beautiful story about a special fish, who discovers, that what he didn't like in his body and considered a disadvantage, is actually a great asset.

Puffy's story demonstrates how we can make new friends and keep them. The book improves self image and confidence in children, and shows that there is something good even in what seems to be bad.

The story is an opportunity to get to know the wonderful life under water. It has been richly illustrated by the author with her beautiful, original and captivating paintings.