Avilak is a name that was adopted by the author. Avilak, who is an agronomist by profession, has a deep love for various areas of agriculture.
Avilak was born in a city, located within a desert, with no farming background. In high school, he studied advanced biology, where he became fascinated with the wonderful processes that occur in plants, such as photosynthesis in which plants’ receptors absorb the sun’s energy and turn it into usable plant energy.
Upon graduating from university with a degree in agronomy, he began working as a young agronomist in a wide range of agricultural work. This work exposed him to more amazing aspects of agriculture in different fields such as research and development, nursery plants, desert agriculture, greenhouses, vegetable and fruit trees crops and more.
From the outset, he promised himself that he would transfer his knowledge to future generations, and thereby continue the wonderful human chain that developed and continuously contributed to the agricultural field.
Global climate change brings many challenges for agriculture. There is a need to produce enough food for the growing global population but increasingly fewer natural resources exist.
Future generations will have to learn, explore and develop new technologies. My hope is that these books will help everyone to learn more about agriculture and will bring the younger generation closer to this fascinating field, the field in which man continues to sow, plant, irrigate, fertilize, spray, pick and transport wonderful fruits that are still today proven to be the best source of healthy food.

הספרים שלי

The Magical Mango Tree

Do you want to know the secret of the Mango tree?

In Venezuela, people grow very tasty tropical fruits but for some reason the delicious mango fruit didn’t work.

When the farmers heard about Avilak, the expert agronomist who lives in a distant country and can help them, were very happy.

Avilak who is familiar with new technologies in agriculture like drip irrigation, was very happy to help them.

Our agronomist, also know communications technologies as Skype, that helps his to speak with farmers even when he is in another country and helps them.

>>Want to know what made the mango trees in eastern Venezuela blossom and embalm juicy fruits?

>>Want to know why the farmers were so happy and blessed Avilak?

>>Want to know what made the mango trees in eastern Venezuela blossom and embalm juicy fruits?

>>Want to teach your kid about the Mango tree?

Everything is written in The Magical Mango Tree book that is accompanied by amazing illustrations, Great for early-level readers ages 6-8.