Daniela Seker, master degree in Psychodrama from the Lesley University, Boston, US.
Most of my life I combined two loves: trips around the world, and a career that is all about helping people to deal with emotional and/or physical difficulties.
I witnessed many painful life stories and studied a lot about human behavior in different cultures.
One of the topics I am most interested in is the sources of happiness, and its influence on relationships. In other words: how come I found people facing the challenge of severe disability who live with joy and acceptance while others have feelings of anger and victimization but are “blessed” with good health and success.
One of my conclusions is that there is no direct connection between success, achievement, strong economic situation, and quality of life.
This fairytale and other things I write are about the real source of well being.
I am happily married, I raised four children, and did my best to give them pure”Oxigold”…

הספרים שלי

The Willow Tree Oxygold

Our need for self-fulfillment leads us to desire to be good parents, intimate and pleasant spouses, true friends and successful people.

Some of us learn that on the path to these achivements the pleasure of success evaporates and leaves us feeling like outcasts, lacking fulfillment, empty, lonely and disappointed, and sometimes, precisely at the peak of "success" we are most destructive to ourselves and those around us.

This fable which moves tightly and quickly describes the relentless search for oxygold - a symbol of love, compassion and acceptance which a baby senses. The difficulty of our hero to be filled with a sense of achievement and recognition raises the question.

Are we seeking the right thing in the right place?

The end of the story is the beginning of the Music. An experience of nature, quiet and simplicity. A path that leads to the commencement of an alternative journey to absorb ideas entailed in the fable.