Eagle Rom was born in 1954 in Tel Aviv, Israel.

He has been a writer since childhood, writing poetry and prose, while being a musician and a composer as well. Along the years, he wrote and published several books.

Rom served in the air force for many years, while specializing during that time in storytelling for children and adults, in particular folk tales and mythology.

In recent years, he accompanied groups of tourists all over the world, visited endless countries and collected stories from different cultures.

Following a difficult family event Eagle Rom developed a unique way to dealing with crises through writing and stories. He has also specialized in storytelling as a healing therapy. Rom has developed a method for communicating with his autistic son, who taught himself to write and communicate through this method.

In his book “Two gates to love,” he shares his worldview “The story as a cure and healing”, joining a young writer, discovering together the role of writing when trying to cope with various difficulties.

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Two Gates to Love: A Romance Novel Through Empowering Letters

Is platonic love real love or an illusion?

The book "Two Gates to Love - A Romance Novel Through Empowering Letters" is a novel in letters, describing a unique relationship between a mature author and a tormented young writer. During their correspondence deep layers uncovered, wounds open and deep secrets concerning the worlds of the two writers unveil. The writing is an empowering healing process for the two and a new way of finding light and hope along with a better life is shaping up.

As it exists in the virtual reality in which we live in these modern days, so is the impact of the technological progress that brings soul to soul together but creates endless yearning for a simple human touch that is on the verge of vanishing.

Two gates to love: Is it possible to cross them safely, to reach the desired peace?