Dr. Liana Orin Soffer, is a general medical practitioner, a certified hypnosis therapist, a classic homeopathy practitioner, and metaphysical/alternate medicine therapist. Her second book “Where is my bed?” was published in Hebrew at 2007. She has published a series of audio instructional courses for relaxation and self-hypnosis. She is a lecturer and holds frequent workshops and classes. Dr. Soffer is the manager of the “Mercaz Or Hanefesh”- “Light of the Soul” center in Israel. 

הספרים שלי

Hypnotic Dreams

What is hypnosis?

How can it be utilized to help us connect with our subconscious? 

How can we go back to our childhood and even our previous incarnations? 

How can we overcome destructive behaviors that ruin our lives?

How can we create a happy, peaceful and joyful life for ourselves? 

These are only some of the questions answered in “Hypnotic Dreams.” It’s a new, unique, fascinating book, which presents the real-life stories of people who have undergone and have enriched their lives through hypnosis treatment.