When I was a child, every night before we would go to sleep, my father used to make up a new bedtime story. These stories left a deep impression. They were always kind, uplifting and encouraged good action.
As a mother, I was inspired to make up stories for my own children. finishing plates, removing lice and trimming nails turned the mundane, into fantasy.
My two kids are not kids anymore; I am a grandmother of two sweet granddaughters. When coming across the difficulty and fear of trimming their nails, I remembered these story games that served us so well before.
This is how “Nils cuts his nails” was born.
I am married and own a private clinic for couples and family therapy.

הספרים שלי

Nils Cuts His Nails – The Scissors Game

Daddy Thumb says, “Let’s give it a try”,

And Mommy Index swears, “No more shall I cry.”

She lines up the fingers, all in a row,

And suddenly brave, she says “Let’s go.”

“Nils cut his nails” is a story-game, for kids and parents alike.

Trimming time can be a struggle for many parents but for Nils & his mom it is an adventure full of imagination.

It is a game in which the parents and children can be partners, add and invent feelings, voices and expressions of their own, or simply sail with Nils and his mom from beginning to the end, including a pause to chop your children’s nails.

Enjoy the story with its colorful illustrations.