Yaakov Malkin – An Israeli author, literary critic, and former Professor in the Faculty of Arts at Tel Aviv University. His writings concern art, cinema, and theater and he is the Lau-reate of the Life Achievement Award of Jerusalem International film Festival.
In the past twenty five years he is mostly involved with Jewish secular culture and has published extensively on the subject in Hebrew, French, Russian, and English. He is co-founder and Editor of Free Judaism (1995), an Israeli journal of Secular Judaism. Yaakov Malkin is Provost of the International Institute of Secular Humanistic Judaism and Tmura.

פרופסור יעקב מלכין – סופר, מבקר ספרות, עורך, פרופסור אמריטוס בפקולטה לאמנויות באוניברסיטת תל אביב. כתביו עוסקים באמנות, בקולנוע ובתיאטרון.
בעשרים וחמש השנים האחרונות הוא עוסק בעיקר בתרבות יהודית חילונית, ומפרסם כתבים בנושא באופן נרחב בעברית, צרפתית, רוסית ואנגלית. הוא מייסד ומנהל של כתב העת “יהדות חופשית” (1995), כתב עת ישראלי של היהדות החילונית. יעקב מלכין משמש כמנהל המכון הבינלאומי ליהדות חילונית-הומניסטית.

הספרים שלי

Secular Jewish Culture

Secular Jewish Culture follows the tradition of three centuries of secular Jewish thought. Its roots lie in the works of Maimonides and other Jewish thinkers, followed by Spinoza, who began the process of secularisation.

Do secular Jews believe?

A Secular Jewish Culture defines the majority of Jews in Israel and around the world. Ever since the integration of Jews into Western democratic societies, Jews have undergone profound changes in their way of life and the ways in which they have chosen to raise their children. The new system of thought in the modern era – secular, Humanistic, and based on individual choice rather than on prescribed rabbinical orders – is not one of disbelief, but rather one of beliefs of a different kind.

Authors who participate in the present volume, such as Amos Oz, Rachel Elior, A.B. Yehoshua, Haim Be’er, Yeshyahu Leibovitz, Felice Pazner-Makin, Haim Cohen, Yehuda Bauer, and Amos Funkenstein, focus their discussion on the origins and evolution of secular Jewish thought and on its predominant beliefs.

Jewish culture is a tapestry of diverse ethnic, religious and secular elements, a tapestry shared as common ground by secular and religious Jews alike. Most people who define themselves as Jews share a common cultural and historical heritage rooted in the Bible; they view the Land of Israel [...]