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Children’s book: Let’s Go Buggees!:

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We are so happy to have you with us on this marvellous adventure to explore the world.

Together we will go places, see new faces, learn a lot, and have tons of fun.

Hidden in our books are secret links. Find them, and with one click you will be up high, looking out at new horizons.**

“Let’s Go Buggees” is the first book in the BuggeesBunch series. Each book will transport you to a new place where you’ll meet new friends and see how they live in faraway lands.

If you can’t wait to find out where the next book will take you, just turn to the last page and find the link that’s hiding there.

Let’s go Buggees!

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נאוה וקרן אלמוג

Nava AlmogBorn in Italy, raised in France, Israel, and Africa, Nava Almog spent her childhood traveling the world. In the company of her parents, Nava fell in love with the wonder and adventure of discovering new people, places, and cultures.As

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