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Children’s book: Max and the Bakters

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Let’s go on an amazing adventure, discover some bold germs and learn how to dodge them!

Max is a caring boy trying to find out why his dad has a stomach bug.

None of the adults around him have time to help, so Max enlists his friend Korbin, an inquisitive crow with special powers.

Together, they set off on a journey of discovery, taking them onto a farm, inside chickens’ bodies and face-to-face with the bold bacteria that cause bad stomach upsets.

Splendid, the intelligent owl, helps them make sense of it all and leaves readers with top tips on avoiding these troublesome germs.

A funny and absorbing adventure story, suitable for children aged six to ten – or for anyone who wants to know more about stomach bugs and how to steer clear of them!

Join max and let’s go on an imaginative journey of discovery!

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