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Peace, love and Lies

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What would you do if you were a CNN reporter and had to cover the story of a hijacked plane, which carried a member of your family?

Would you be able to hide your emotions, knowing that their life is in danger?

It is the early nineties, after the questionable Oslo Agreement. An Israeli Air Force plane, carrying the Israeli mission to the peace talks in Cairo, has been hijacked. For CNN’s Israeli office manager, Shira Tailor, it’s not only a dramatic news event, but a personal test as well. With her stepfather Danny, the cabinet secretary and mission head, on board, she has to deal with conflicting emotions and loyalties when he may become the next victim.

During three nerve-wrecking days, she recalls some scenes from their family history and tries to figure out who Danny really is—a peace visionary and fighter, or a smooth and heartless politician?

Peace, Love and Lies is a story of big and small events interwoven and played out between journalists, military commanders, diplomats, and government officials.

It is a story of intrigue and integrity, of cynical exploitation and of small favors of love and compassion.

Definitely a must-read for those who are interested in experiencing a whole lot of emotions, events, and truths in a single title!

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Oren Sanderson

Oren Sanderson is the pen name of a retired senior Israeli government official. Oren was born in Tel Aviv, Israel. He served in the Israel Defense Forces for eight years and then joined the Foreign Ministry. He served as a

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