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Rescuing Daddy

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As parents, we love our children deeply, but to provide for them and the family we must work long hours, often returning home late.

By the time Jamie’s father returns from his job, Jamie is fast asleep. But he has a vibrant imagination, and knows that his father loves him very much.

He decides that his father doesn’t willingly stay late at work.

That can only mean there’s a monster that doesn’t let his Daddy come back on time. So he sets off to rescue his father from the monster.

After reading this book, every child profits from more time with her or his parents.

And you, dear parents, will also come out of this experience with a clear profit!

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דורון ארז

Doron Erez is concerned about these times when parents are required to cope with economic complexities, long work hours, and constant cellphone accessibility. Existential situations requiring parental attention are sometimes so consuming that they strongly infringe on parents’ closeness with

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