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The first year I spoke: A Memory Book

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"The First Year I Spoke." –Cherish those first words, use a speech bubble for each day of the first year of speech. Make sure that, in the years to come, you really remember. Enjoy writing, have fun recalling. For young parents, parents-to-be and grandparents. For every family with a baby. The first words are so precious! They're unique and magical; you wait curiously for months– and then they come. At first, a word, or part of a word. Then several more words, and then sentences that grow longer. Your baby is talking! They call you, say what they want, play, agree and disagree. We're certain we'll remember every word, but we have to record to remember. This book includes one page per week for a year, with a speech bubble per day. One year: the first year of speech. Start writing when your baby utters his or her first word or meaningful syllable. Write the date and the word/s in the bubble. You may want to mark where it was said, and to whom. This book is annotated with tips for parents and quotes about language. If you don't write in the book every day, it’ll suffice for more than a year. Every baby needs the memory book "The First Year I Spoke."

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ד"ר אורנה דובדבני

I'm Orna Douvdevany, teacher, mother of 5, and grandmother. I have been an educator for 30 years, with a Ph.D in science education, qualified in corrective teaching and learning disabilities evaluation. In the last few years, I'm pedagogical advisor in

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