The Pyramid Treasure, An adventure into a Tablet Game - סיפור פשוט - הבית לסופרים עצמאיים

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The Pyramid Treasure, An adventure into a Tablet Game

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This interactive children’s book with two versions:

Long version with Did You Know. For ages 7-12 years, and Short version for ages 4-6 years or self-read for older children. Is about a fascinating adventure that children and a puppy find themselves on.

How did their adventure begin? Sebastian receives a Tablet PC game called “The Pyramid Treasure”. He’s not sure if it’s a birthday gift or a Christmas gift, or where it came from. Before long he and his best friend, Jenny, are playing and without warning they are teleported into the game; into the Great Pyramid.

What will they find? How will they get back home? And what does a young puppy have to do with the story? Read on to find out!

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