The War of the Stories - סיפור פשוט - הבית לסופרים עצמאיים

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The War of the Stories

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We all have stories. Throughout our life, we move from one story to another. We have different stories in the childhood, fairy tales for kids and paranormal fantasy magic. Teens have different stories and so as adults.

These young adult fantasy stories fight each other.

Why do our stories fight?

Shirley found the secret behind stories fighting stories.

She is on a mission to figure out why and how stories fight. She finds something about the people behind these stories.

What does she found?

Why stories fight?

What is the secret she found?

How she reached there?

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Galia Koplis is a multidisciplinary human being. She was born into a religious family and became an atheist at the age of 21. She spent a long time studying general studies, spiritualism, philosophy, science, and communications (journalism). In effect, she

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