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Where is Carpill off to

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The author Achiya Zallayet sweeps away both parent and child onto a wondrous journey into the world of nature.
The journey takes the reader on the trail of Carpill, a little caterpillar who has gone missing in the forest.
His friends, the insects of the forest, look from door to door in search of their friend
but they cannot understand where Carpill could possibly have gone.
The story, which is bursting with vivid, expressive illustrations and animated dialogue of the forest animals,
introduces the reader to a world of discovery and an array of endearing characters.
Let’s go together and find Carpill!

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אחיה זלייט

Achiya Zallayet is a children’s author and graduate of the Weingate Institute in the field of development and aid to families and children. Achiya works as a life coach for families and children, an artist, thespian and counselor in his

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