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The Animal Kingdom

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This is the first book in a series entitled "Why it is so? in the plant world, in the animal world, and the inanimate world”.

The word "why?" is one of the most common words in every languish. Parents can be surprised when their children begin to express their astonishment at what their eyes see and crack at a defiant question:

"Dad, why is there a wind?"

"Dad, why are there waves in the sea?"

Maybe the evasive answer to the "why" question is the answer "because it is that way!" This answer ends the discussion. The question leaves the unsatisfied questioner wondering. Our children give themselves a defiant answer – "Because that's how I feel…”

The present book is designed to challenge the reader. It contains a variety of interesting topics accompanied by questions and answers about phenomena that the reader may not notice or took for granted.

The book is accompanied by many images from the author's camera and is intended to achieve several goals: It is primarily intended to address and curb the curiosity of children of a wide range of ages and curious adults will find interest in it.

Also, the book is expected to make the reader think creatively.

The book may also serve as a basis for quality hours of parents with their children, with the parent reading, explaining, or answering their children's questions

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אליעזר זמסקי

Professor Eli Zamski received his B.Sc., M.Sc., and Ph.D. degrees from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and held the position of a professor of Botany there until his retirement in 2006. He served as the head of the Department of

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